For Corona-free spaces, from workplace to reception hall.

With the Covibuster you ensure that your employees can return to a virus-free workplace.
Why the CoviBuster?
Efficient and easy to operate, without chemicals, harmful vapors or propellants.
Easy to move during cleaning work, without men or women in white suits.
Cleans per room in minutes, even where no wipes or brushes come.
In addition to viruses, it also eliminates bacteria.
UV-C in combination with Ozone

Kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria in a matter of minutes, while half an hour of cleaning only tackles 30%.

Covibuster 01

For areas of 5m2 x 5m2.

High intensity UV-C, manually operated application for small, congested area (hotel rooms) and fast disinfection. 8x120W.

Delivery time: 2 weeks for assembling and delivery.

Covibuster Max

For bigger areas than 5m2 x 5m2.

Highest intensity UV-C, manual operated application for bigger, congested area (hotelrooms) and fast disinfection. 8x120W 8x325W.

Delivery time: 2 weeks for assembling and delivery.

Covibuster Robot

Robot for large areas.

Low intensity UV-C, fully automated operation especially for larger areas, not constantly occupied by people. Operation can also be outside regular office or opening hours. 8X40W.

Delivery time: 6-10 weeks for assembling and delivery.

Covibuster Home

For homelike areas.

Low intensity UV-C, manually operated application for homes and small offices to be operated outside regular working hours for desinfection. 8x56W.

Delivery time: 2 weeks for assembling and delivery.

The Covibuster cleans the rooms safely and efficiently for your guests.

Also for cleaning schools, hotels and all other conceivable spaces where increasing demands are made on hygiene.

How does it work?
The Covibuster is placed in the space to be disinfected. An acoustic signal sounds for one minute, then the Covibuster switches on. As long as the Covibuster is working, a buzzer will sound, as soon as the buzzer stops, the room can be entered safely. When someone enters the room in the meantime, the Covibuster switches off automatically. The room is immediately safe, without harmful vapors or gases.
The Covibuster also cleans the spaces safely and efficiently after opening hours.

Note: To further reduce the risk of contamination, hygiene rules should still be followed

UV-C Operation
High intensity ultraviolet light is produced by xenon flash light known throughout the disinfection spectrum as UV-C. This UV-C energy passes through the cell walls of bacteria, viruses and bacterial spores. DNA, RNA and proteins in the microorganism absorb this intense UV-C energy and provide four mechanisms of damage against pathogens.

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